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Secured a 30-hour RL workweek to leave plenty of time for this project, Touhou Patch Center's commissioned MediaWiki update work is also nearing completion, time to reopen the store! Since it's been a long time, here's an overview of where we currently are in each game and binary, and what the next logical step would be:

But as always, you can request pretty much any other part of any game. We're now at a pretty good place as far as arbitrary requests are concerned, as I simply can't decide myself where to put all the current pending contributions in the funding backlog. 😅 By spending the missing or , you can capture any of those "fractional" contributions towards a specific goal.

The next specific requests are going to set the priorities of this project for quite some time! The best strategy: Spend a low amount of money on something very specific, and watch as existing generic contributions will necessarily have to be put towards making that specific goal happen 😛

(Wait, with -Tom-'s 66% discount on TH05, does that mean you could secure that a pending 0.66 contribution will go towards TH05 by spending as little as , with -Tom- providing the remaining to make a full push? :thonk: Same with a pending 0.33 contribution and spending …)