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Just like most of the time, it was more sensible to cover GENSOU.SCR, the last structure missing in TH05's OP.EXE, everywhere it's used, rather than just rushing out OP.EXE position independence. I did have to look into all of the functions to fully RE it after all, and to find out whether the unused fields actually are unused. The only thing that kept this push from yielding even more above-average progress was the sheer inconsistency in how the games implemented the operations on this PC-98 equivalent of score*.dat:

  • OP.EXE declares two structure instances, for simultaneous access to both Reimu and Marisa scores. TH05 with its 4 playable characters instead uses a single one, and overwrites it successively for each character when drawing the high score menu – meaning, you'd only see Yuuka's scores when looking at the structure inside the rendered high score menu. However, it still declares the TH04 "Marisa" structure as a leftover… and also decodes it and verifies its checksum, despite nothing being ever loaded into it
  • MAIN.EXE uses a separate ASM implementation of the decoding and encoding functions :godzun:
  • TH05's MAIN.EXE also reimplements the basic loading functions in ASM – without the code to regenerate GENSOU.SCR with default data if the file is missing or corrupted. That actually makes sense, since any regeneration is already done in OP.EXE, which always has to load that file anyway to check how much has been cleared
  • However, there is a regeneration function in TH05's MAINE.EXE… which actually generates different default data: OP.EXE consistently sets Extra Stage records to Stage 1, while MAINE.EXE uses the same place-based stage numbering that both versions use for the regular ranks

Technically though, TH05's OP.EXE is position-independent now, and the rest are (should be? :tannedcirno:) merely false positives. However, TH04's is still missing another structure, in addition to its false positives. So, let's wait with the big announcement until the next push… which will also come with a demo video of what will be possible then.