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Did WindowsTiger just cover 2% over all games on his own? While not all of that passed my review, +1.59% RE and +1.66% PI over all 5 games is still pretty noteworthy, and comfortably pushes TH05 over the 25% mark in RE, and the 60% mark in PI.


While I definitely do appreciate such contributions, reviewing and adapting these to my current code organization standards also takes more time than I'd like it to take. And taken to this level, it does kind of undermine this crowdfunding project, causing both a literal denial of service and exactly the stress that this crowdfunding was designed to avoid. Most of the time, I can't merge all of that as-is without knowingly creating annoyances down the line. But I don't want to just ignore it either, or reject every non-perfect commit…
That's also why I let it slide this time, due to some of the RE work in there being genuinely amazing. In the future though, be aware that your chance of having your work merged diminishes the further you move ahead of my current master branch. In extreme cases like this one, I'll then just be waiting until enough generic reverse-engineering pushes have accrued, and treat the merge as regular work.

But now, time to continue with the regular programming… I am kind of exhausted from all of this, so no bullets for the next two Touhou Patch Center pushes, still… Good thing there's still plenty of simpler things with big percentage gains to be done:

  • WindowsTiger mostly focused on OP.EXE which I tended to neglect, as the big MAIN executables seemed to be more interesting to my backers. (It's not like anyone ever requested OP to be done either – like, who even cares about boring menu source code, right?) Good that I therefore sort of left it as low-hanging fruit to be grabbed by outside contributors – because now, TH04's and TH05's OP.EXE are close to 100% position-independence. The GENSOU.SCR format is pretty much the only thing missing there right now, so let's finally go all the way there, I'd say.
  • And in TH05, there's still Reimu's shot type functions left to be decompiled.